June 15, 2021

Cajun Cross

Global Entertainment

Changing Lanes

Set in 2140, this hour-long drama shows us the universe as we know it has changed dramatically. Earth has become a “Gateway World”, hub center for commerce and trade throughout the Milky Way Galaxy. Earth Space Force, now called Earth Space Command (E.S.C.), is the police force for the Sol Planetary system aboard the space station: Union. The Union is also home to the Lane Hunters, individuals specially trained as soldier, scientist, engineer, and diplomat. Their main task is to scour the galaxies looking for hyperspace trade routes, faster commerce lanes, scientific advancement, and sentient life. This is one of the most dangerous jobs in the E.S.C. as many Lane Hunters have never returned from a mapping mission.
Aboard the Union, Commander Ray Hendrix has to deal with trade delegation councils, industrial espionage, trade wars, and the day-to- day operations of the station. He is also in charge of the Lane Hunter Operations.
The galaxy waits…