March 6, 2021

Cajun Cross

Global Entertainment

Social Media Marketing Video Series 1

Video 1Introduction
Video 2Traditional Marketing vs Web Marketing
Video 3Objectives, Targets, Segments
Video 4Market Analysis
Video 5Positioning Strategy
Video 6Social Media Site Opportunities
Video 7Social Media Site Excuses
Video 8Social Media Channels
Video 9Social Media Strategy
Video 10Basics of Facebook
Video 11Facebook Edge Rank
Video 12Facebook Insight Panels
Video 13Creating Facebook Ads
Video 14Facebook Groups for Leads
Video 15Basics of Twitter
Video 16Potential Twitter Customers
Video 17Building a Twitter Audience
Video 18Optimize with Tweet Deck
Video 19Twitter Ads
Video 20Basics of Instagram
Video 21Potential Instagram Customers
Video 22Building an Instagram Audience
Video 23Monetizing Instagram
Video 24Niche Social Media Sites
Video 25Basic of Community Management
Video 26Empower Your Audience
Video 27Engage Your Audience
Video 28Moderate Activity
Video 29Basics of Blogging
Video 30Creating Content for Blogging
Video 31Build Your Email List
Video 32Monetizing your Blog
Video 33Useful Tools
Video 34Analytic Reports
Video 35Case Study – Batman