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Friday Night Sonic Spotlight!

06 Oct


Friday Night Sonic Spotlight!

Coming this November from Cajun Cross Global Entertainment Inc.: Friday Night Sonic Spotlight Podcast!

Sonic Spotlight is looking for rockers, rappers, bands, country artists, solo artists, and musicians of all types to be interviewed and / or have their music showcased on our brand new series Friday night at 8:30pm Pacific Standard Time! The show is thirty minutes long and features an audio track with pictures and information about the track and performers or a music video with the same information below the video. Now there are a few rules when submitting your materials:

  • No Cover Songs May be submitted
  • All material must be original.
  • All performers assume responsibility for the material submitted. (ie. Copyright, etc.)
  • Material cannot be ASCAP or BMI as we do not pay royalties.
  • Should you as a performer, group, band, or artist of any type be chosen as the spotlight artist of the week, all interviews will be done via Zoom.
  • All materials recorded by Sonic Spotlight are available to the artist for promotion.
  • Contract for Appearance and Show Materials must be provided to the show producers at least two weeks prior to broadcast.

If you are interested in having your material played on Sonic Spotlight, please contact us at ss@cajuncross.com or fill out the form below.

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