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Pitch Your Show

Pitch Your Show

Cajun Cross Global Entertainment Inc. is proud to announce the new CCGE Network, 10 brand new streaming channels provided by us with content from you! You may ask yourself; what is the difference between CCGE and other streaming services? Well, let’s start with you own your content. CCGE is just airing it.

Okay, but what does that mean? Let’s say you pitch us a show. We like the show. We negotiate a contract like any other television program. But we are not negotiating who owns the content, we are negotiating the broadcast rights and revenue streams.

Does that mean I make money and how much? Indeed it does! How much is based on only a few factors. How hard are you willing to work to make your show a reality? Are you just selling a concept for us to produce or are you ready to go? Is funding in place or do you need startup capital? Do you have investors that require immediate payback? That’s about it! We will give you all the details in a package that we send you.

If you accept my show, how fast will it be airing on the CCGE Network? How fast can you get it to us and what is your turn-around time per episode?

What if I’m in Australia and want to produce a show? Have at it, mate! We will be featuring programming from around the world as well as global advertisers.

When can I pitch my show to you? The Cajun Cross Global Entertainment Inc. Board of Directors (Kip Shelton, Allan Abshire, James Martinez, Harry Williams Jr., and Sheerah Neeley) have digital pitch meetings twice a month. Individuals pitch their show ideas via Skype. Each project is given a twenty-minute pitch time. We will respond within ten days as to whether the project is accepted. If it is, we will discuss your needs as well as your responsibility to Cajun Cross Global Entertainment.

How do I pitch my show to you? Good question! Projects are pitched in a variety of ways, but here are some things we suggest:

  1. Make sure your idea is well thought out. (Don’t be vague)
  2. Have a treatment prepared.
    1. If you don’t know what a treatment is, Google it.
  3. Schedule a pitch date using the form below. Be sure to email all necessary documents to Cajun Cross Global Entertainment Inc. using pitch@cajuncross.com
  4. BE SURE YOU HAVE YOUR IDEA COPYWRITTEN! We can’t stress this enough. While we at Cajun Cross Global Entertainment Inc. would never steal your idea, we can’t enter a pitch meeting without your material being copywritten in some format. This is for your protection and ours. https://www.copyright.gov/
  5. When preparing your pitch, we suggest you visit: https://www.wikihow.com/Write-and-Pitch-an-Idea-for-a-TV-Show and use METHOD 2 to get your pitch docs together.

What if I already have a movie that I want to air? Great! Give us a look and we’ll let you know.

When will the CCGE Network be on air? We will have a soft launch in May, with a full Launch July 1, 2020.

What will the CCGE Network be like? Here are you a few details:

  • There will be 10 Different Channels on the Network.
    • Action / Adventure
    • Fantasy / Sci Fi
    • Drama
    • Family
    • Horror / Thriller
    • Comedy
    • Sports
    • Westerns
    • Romance
    • International
  • The Network will have a standard “linear” style broadcast day which allows viewers to simply turn it on and watch the channel they want.
  • There is no cost for our network, viewers can simply tune in.
  • Any and all of our programming will also be available on demand for Binge watching.

Are you ready to Pitch? Get on the schedule!


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