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Twisted Shorts

Twisted Shorts

Dwell with the population of the surreal cerebellum and dream…

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Fourteen amazing tales that will have you riding the range of the old west to battling the dread Mongolian Death Worm. Come face to face with creatures of legend, alien monsters, superheroes, ancient gods, ark angels, deadly assassins, and serial killers close to home.

Welcome to the imagination of Author Kip Shelton as he takes you on a tour of the old, the new, and the yet to become.

First Day on the Job:
Qexotia has managed to screw up every job on the ship. Now the only thing left for her to do is collect trash. That can’t be dangerous, can it?

The Game:
An assassin finally has a chance to make the big time. If only his mark would cooperate.

Born with all the knowledge of the world, he must face the denizens of the dark. He’ll do it if he can get over the rail of his crib.

Jeremy vs. the Mongolian Death Worm:
All we had to do was take out a group of terrorists. Who knew the things under the sand were more dangerous.

In and Out:
When an American assassin is sent to Mexico to take out the leader of a drug cartel, he suddenly finds himself stranded and hunted by the legendary Chupacabra.

On My Way to Hell:
Lanham was a Death Rider. He hunted men for money, and he was good at it. But his next prey was hiding out in a bar in Hell.  

Fire and Ice:
An alien life form is rampaging across the starship Doolittle. With no other means of escape, the crew releases something far more dangerous to stop it.

Road to Abilene:
When a young gun decides to go up against the Marshal, only one will remain standing. In the old west, the faster you slap leather, the longer you live.

Pantera De La Luna:
Rina Catlow is a sector ranger for the planet Snow Blind and a syndicate is trying to assassinate a V.I.P. in her backyard.

Snow Blind:
Rina Catlow is a sector ranger for the planet Snow Blind and a syndicate is trying to assassinate a V.I.P. in her backyard.

She’s waited five years for her revenge and she’s willing to die to make it happen. But does she have to the nerve to see it through?

Memory Patterns:
Nine Homicides and still no suspects. With time running out, Detective Taylor needs to find a pattern. But the killer is closer than he thinks.

The Stamp:
An ancient malevolence has found a way to shift the balance of good and evil. All it takes is a postage stamp.

Invasion: Genesis Wars:
They started as rumor, marauding creatures that could devastate a planet in a matter of days. Now they’re on my home world.


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